I still don't understand what you do, can you explain further?

Yes!  Rather than spend a lot of money building a brick and mortar "call center", many large corporations choose to partner with companies such as ours to outsource their customer requests, calls, emails, orders, bookings etc.   Our company then outsources those inbound calls, emails, etc to people like you that want to work as an Independent Contractor from your own home by using the platform.  You essentially become a branch of our "virtual call center".  We have a platform that allows us access to those companies that list the client opportunities.  You then choose which one of our clients you would like to provide support to and certify online from your home.  Once certified, you are able to provide the Customer Service type support.... all from your home.  Most companies operate 24/7, so you choose when you would like to log in to receive calls and work.  You can work as little as 15 hours, up to full time and beyond hours.  You manage yourself, so you are your own "boss" and create your own "schedule".

Is this a scam?

NO!  Although we certainly understand our word alone will not convince you!  We've been there.  Kelly looked tirelessly for legitimate work from home opportunities, until she found this opportunity.  The Platform we partner with has partnered with small call centers like ours for over 20 years and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Which companies will I have the opportunity to service?

Our client portfolio includes a diverse variety of companies representing different industries and many are Fortune 150 companies.  Due to the Non Disclosure agreement we have, we cannot name the clients in a public forum.  Clients represent many industries, including the following: telecommunications, retail, hospitality, roadside assistance, tax software, home improvement company, bookstore, cruiseline, the number one theme park/family destination in Florida....just to name a few!  YOU choose which client or clients you would like to train for.

I have a computer, but what are the system requirements?

Once you join our call center, in the Portal there is a system test that can determine if your computer meets the specifications required to service our clients.   You must also have hardwired high speed internet (see system requirements for details regarding speed, etc), a landline (one or two clients at this point allow the use of VOIP), a USB headset for class and a telephony set for servicing.  

We recommend this headset for class:  https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-981-000014-USB-Headset-H390/dp/B000UXZQ42

And this telephony set for servicing:  https://www.amazon.com/CALLANY-Center-Telephone-Cancellation-Headset/dp/B015503KFQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1504575799&sr=1-1&keywords=callany+telephone+set

You can see the system requirements by clicking here: 

*Please read each Opportunity Announcement, as some clients have different system requirements*

Why is there a fee for the certification course? Am I PAYING to work?

Just as a realtor or hairstylist must pay for classes and earn a certificate to work, working from home requires certification to ensure you are ready to service the particular client.  Each client wants highly specialized agents working from home to properly represent their "brand" to their customers.  These courses start as low as $7.99 and cap out at $200.  This is a small investment you must make to be able to work from home successfully.  You choose which client you want to service, sign up for and take their course, certify and start earning revenue!  Depends on the client you choose to certify for, you can start EARNING revenue in as little as 10 days!!  You will make more than enough to cover the certification course fee! 

How much money will I make?

Depending upon which client you choose to service for, you can make $9-16 per hour.  Pay is based per each client.  We pay what the client pays us for your work, we do not keep a percentage of your pay.  Due to the Independent Contractor relationship, we DO NOT withhold taxes from the revenue you earn!

Are there any fees?

We pay you what we get paid for your work. We do not keep a percentage or pay you less per hour as many other Call Centers do.  To cover our operational costs of running the business and supporting our Independent Contractors who work from their homes, we charge a flat fee per invoice of $25.  Arise, the platform we use to service our clients charges $19.75.    

How do I get paid?

We have two service revenue periods per month.  The 1st-15th and the 16th-the last day of the month.  We pay you on the 10th and the 24th of each month.  The work you do between the 1-15th will be paid out on the 24th and the 16th-last day of the month will be paid out on the 10th.  We offer direct deposit or can mail you a paper check.  We do not take any taxes out of the money you earn.  We will send you a 1099 every January.

How long before I can start servicing a client and earn revenue?

Upon successful completion of the registration process, your next step will be to enroll in the client certification course of your choice. Client courses may take as little as 10 days or as long as six weeks to complete, depending upon the project selected.  Depending on the certification course, you can start earning service revenue in as little as 10 days after the start of the course!  You start earning revenue when you start taking Live calls.

Do you offer insurance, 401k, any benefits?

Due to the nature of the Independent Contractor relationship, we do not offer any type of insurance or benefits.  

Do you offer a referral bonus?

Yes we do!  If you refer someone and they join our call center, 30 days after they pass their certification course, and for as long as they service and meet their client's requirements...YOU will receive $5 per person you referred, per revenue period off the IBO fee up to $15 (or 3 people)! So if you refer 3 people, your IBO fee will only be $10 per revenue period.